C.I.M.A. has always considered Research and Innovation key words for competitiveness which over the years have guaranteed the manufacturing of high quality products. - C.I.M.A. is the first company in Italy to use the “Rita” software combined with its own work experience;
- Since 2011 we fully comply to DVS 2212 regulations - qualification testing of plastics welders (PP/PE/ PVDF), keeping the professional development of our employees continuous with training courses;
- The production line was updated in 2011 with state of the art machinery and Wegener automated welding systems, available so far only to few other companies;
- The new 73,92 kw photovoltaic system was installed in June 2012 alongside the renewal of coverage inside and outside the plant which not only has an impact on energy saving but improves also working conditions and has a very low environmental impact;
- In February 2015 the lighting outside and inside the plant was completely replaced with a unique state of the art LED lighting, with considerable reductions in fuel consumption and better lightening.
- Since April 2015 all standard manufacturing is now made exclusively by a high quality polymer of new generation the Self-extinguishing polypropylene PPS, fully replacing the gray polypropylene PPH now reserved only to manufacturing on request. The exclusive use of a PPS polymer with chemical, mechanical and weldability new generation features, in collaboration with a major international partner, guarantees the best conditions of use of our products.
On February 29th, 2016 C.I.M.A. becomes CIMA Chemicals ®, extending its horizons towards new trade markets in constant evolution and progress.

Ultimate tensile strength

Welding qualifications 2011

Luca Magi, Matteo Bruni, Sauro Billi
Luca Magi, Sauro Billi, Matteo Bruni
Sauro Billi, Matteo Bruni
Luca Magi
Luca Magi
Matteo Bruni, Sauro Billi
Sauro Billi, Matteo Bruni