Chemical and galvanic plants:

Pps (Special Self-extinguishing polypropylene), PP (POLYPROPYLENE), PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) or PE (POLYETHYLENE) for tanks and reactors;
STAINLESS STEEL 316L for supporting structures and barriers.

The chemical and galvanic plants are built in plastic and the welding of the products complies with DVS regulations;
for all stages and types of process we use the latest generation systems from software design and automatic welding
machines, to the supply of accessories and related duration and tear tests.

Square or rectangular products:
Sizes from 500 mm to 13,000 mm. length x 500-2200 mm. width x 2500 mm. height.

Circular products:
Sizes from 500 to 3,000 mm. diameter x 500 mm. up to 10,500 mm. in height.

Turnkey plant complete with:
• axles covered in PPS or PP;
• uninterrupted high frequency power supply for electrolytic tanks;
• filtration and recycling pumps;
• heating systems for the solutions with PTFE/INOX heaters or steam with PVDF coils;
• electrical control panels with PLC option.