Pps (Special Self-extinguishing polypropylene) or PP (POLYPROPYLENE).
The scrubbers are built entirely in solid Pps or PP without addition of metal, so that the products result
unaffected by any steam produced by chemical reactions, such as nitrous vapours, chlorine fumes,
vapours of nitro-hydrochloric acid from metal refining , foundry vapours, fumes coming from the food industry, etc.
Air flow rates from 50 to 100,000 Nmc/h. Size 500 mm. to 3000 mm. diameter x height 2,000 mm. 10,500 mm.

Turnkey plant complete with:
• filtration and recycling pumps;
• vacuum cleaners in PPS or PP;
• dosing system and Ph control;
• cooling system for vapour cooling exchangers;
• electrical control panels with PLC option.