When Special means Standard

C.I.M.A. is glad to announce that the normal gray polypropylene PPH used so far for its products, will be 100% replaced by self-extinguishing polypropylene Pps. We will be using exclusively this polymer high quality, new generation Pps. It's been 30 years since our first artifact in PPS and today the company uses exclusively a new generation chemical, mechanical and weldability polymer Pps in collaboration with a major international partner. With the view of investing together with our Customers, C.I.M.A. is updating its prices favoring the production of Pps (now standard processing). Therefore, the processing of PP will now be treated as work on demand, with extended delivery times. As our customers already know, the standard temperatures for the use of PPH range from 0 °C to 80 °C. Thanks to our experience and technology CIMA products can be used at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 100 °C. For this new PPS polymer with specific processes we can guarantee a use from -20 °C to + 115 °C also for a series of fluids with chemical compatibility limits or for those not resistant to such temperatures.

Specifications - temperatures:

Material Standard temperatures CIMA temperatures
PPH 0 / +80  °C       0 / +100 °C     
PPS CIMA  - -20 / +115 °C